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Holborn Pharmacy Barbados

Holborn Pharmacy

In the bustling, busy Bellville area, Holborn is here to serve. Holborn has a wide variety of health and wellness products you may not expect to see in any family owned pharmacy.

Holborn Pharmacy Barbados

Lyte Drug Mart 

Snuggled away in the Brittons Cross Rd area, Lyte is well placed to supply all the health and wellness needs for the surrounding schools and neighbourhood

Lyte Drug Mart Barbados
Lyte Drug Mart Barbados


near you

Elcourt Pharmacy Barbados

Elcourt Pharmacy

One of our most well-known pharmacies in the Christ Church area, in the doctor's office of Elcourt. Whether you need important medicine or just a snack, we got you covered. 

Elcourt Pharmacy Barbados
Palm Court Dispensary Barbados

Palmcourt Dispensary

As the name suggests, Palm court is your go-to place for all medicinal supplies. Also in the Belville area, we are nice, central spot for everyone to visit.

Palm Court Dispensary Barbados
Meet Dr. Dixon

About Aljoy

We cater to convenience with our well placed Pharmacies in Barbados.  Our team has knowledgeable staff that will help you along your shopping journey. If you have questions, don't be shy, just ask because your health is our priority!

Learn more about our locations by clicking one of the above or if you have a question, click below to have us reach out to you.

What every you need, we have you covered!

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36 Pine Road Belleville, St. Michel

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